Argentine Tango Dance Weekend October 2015

Argentine Tango dance weekend October 2015

With the Maestro Guillermo Salvat & Martha Slater

We would like to thank all our ALLUREing students who attended the Argentine tango dance weekend, we were so happy seeing you all learning and executing so nicely all the new techniques for a better tango experience.

It is always our pleasure to Share with you the best coaches. The maestro Guillermo Salvat is also a Dance performer, choreographer, owner and founder of tango company as well a singer and music writer.

Through the Argentine tango dance weekend, Allure dance studio had the pleasure to work closer with the maestro to generate and create a unique learning experience for New students so why not come and check out what Argentine tango dance it is all about.

Thank you All for an amazing ALLUREIng Argentine tango dance weekend.