New Dance Classes Wakefield RI

We are very excited to invite you to our unique new dance classes in Wakefield RI, and truly looking forward to share a wonderful experience every

First Sunday of the month

Allure Dance Studio in Collaboration

with Jennifer Prete School of Dance


Sunday Dance Lessons & Parties

5:30 pm Intermediate / Advanced Dancers.
7:15 pm Intro For Beginners
(Ballroom & Tango)
8:00 pm Bilonga Practica till 9:30 pm

There are A Few Private Lessons slots available
prior to the Workshop
If interested, contact us at 860-245-8001

Everyone is welcome, All Ages no partner required.

Schedule of the Event

Intermediate / Advanced Dancers.

  • 5:30 pm Argentine Tango Class (Room A)
    We will be working on the connection, between the couples as well as Pivots, Lead and follow in connection with the music. Female embellishments and timing with your leader.

We highly recommend to take the ballroom class as well, Knowing other types of dances enhances all your experiences (Salon / nuevo / Alternative)

  • 6:30 pm Ballroom Class (Room A)
    it 's time to get you Rumba steps to the next level, We will be working with you on fundamentals as well as technique. Moving you from simple basics to unique and advanced style, Posture, arms styling, pose.
  • 7:15 pm Free Practice (Room A)
    After exploring the movements and new technique, nothing better then a good practice time, we get you covered to enjoy with your colleague a great experience, music will be available during the practice.
  • 7:15 pm  Beginners ( Main Ballroom)

 Introductory group class & the Dance $ 15 ( Ballroom & Tango)

For those who never had the chance to learn in A formal set how to dance, We will be teaching the most popular dances Such as the Waltz, swing and the Foxtrot and basics of Argentine Tango...that can be enjoyed at many different Social dances.
Feel free to invite friends and family.

Start your Dance Journey Today at the South Kingstown RI Sunday Dance

  • The Dance "Bilonga" 8 pm till 9:30 pm

1/2 Ballroom, alternative 1/2 Traditional Tango

We will be serving snacks, bites and few other ALLUREing surprises.
Nothing better than enjoying the most popular music while you building the confident on the dance floor among your colleagues.
one of the most wonderful experience while learning how to dance, is to enjoy the company around your new or old friends.
Passes (Cash Or checks)
1 class $ 20/ $ 30 With Bilonga
2 classes $ 30/ $ 40 With Bilonga

Beginners Group class & the dance $ 15

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