We make it simple for you to learn using our Unique method of Teaching 

Our beginner group classes are geared toward those who are new to dancing or who want to get back into dancing. If you're a newcomer or you've taken other classes without success, it’s time to be surprised.

You CAN Dance!

We provide a fun and relaxing environment where you will never feel pressured or rushed. Each beginner class starts with a nice, easy walk and gradually introduces you to the dances you want to learn. Our unique method of teaching beginner classes will make you a believer. They also provide you with a solid foundation to which you can add Intermediate and Advanced moves.

“I always dreaded getting invited to weddings because I didn't know how to dance. Instead I had to sit and watch. Now I’m up and dancing with everyone else. And I love it!”

“I was always too afraid to go out on the dance floor. I thought I’d look stupid. Not anymore!”  Alaina

“My friends are so impressed when they see me and my wife dancing. They call us Fred and Ginger.” Ronald

“My wife was always begging me to dance with her. There was no way I was going to that. Finally I went to Allure. I thought I’d hate every minute. Now I'm the one begging her to dance!”Andrew

Our Intermediate group classes are designed for those who have taken beginner classes and are ready to move up to the next level. Intermediate classes will introduce new moves and cool steps that you can add to the steps you already learned.

You might worry that you'll forget the new steps as soon as you learn them

Not a problem!

Our weekly Practice Party begins right after the lessons. There you can practice your new steps, with your instructor nearby, while they are still fresh in your mind. They will soon become a regular part of your dance repertoire.

“After my Beginner class I was welcomed to stay and watch the Intermediate class. After a few weeks I decided to try the steps they were learning. I made lots of mistakes at first but slowly I got the hang of it.” Miss karen.

“I loved challenging myself by joining the Intermediate class.” Mr. Jhon

“The Bilonga Practice Party is a great way to make new friends and have fun dancing after the Intermediate class. And it’s so convenient. No need to drive somewhere else! And they play all kinds of music to practice all the dances we have learned. We never sit down.” Mildred

Couples or individuals, coworkers and friends.

Now it is the time for you to join us